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  •  About 12 percent of all web sites are pornographic.

  • About 25 percent of search engine requests are for porn.

  • Hundreds of new porn sites go online every day.

Internet Filter Source showcases several internet filtering solutions for different applications.

True Vine Online, a Family of internet filtering products, was formed in late 1999 after its founders, Chris VanDeWalker and Kenny Bourbeau, discovered the necessity for a solution to the various unwanted material on the internet such as pornography, viruses, phishing sites and a plethora of other unwanted material that internet users want to block from their computers in homes and business. Starting from True Vine Christian Bookstore, True Vine Online began offering a filtered internet solution for dialup internet users. With the advent and proliferation of high speed internet, a high speed internet filter became necessary for our customers. We have developed several internet filtering solutions for different kinds of internet users.

 We block pornography and other offensive content from your computer or mobile device
Protecting children with an internet filter is the most common application that comes to mind when thinking of an internet filter. There are other very important reasons to consider a content filter for your internet filtering, such as e-mail filtering to keep SPAM out of your computer and content filtering to keep employees from visiting web sites that may be harmful to your business. We also offer DSL in many areas as well as dial up service for customers that only connect to the internet now and then.

There are solutions available to help protect your home, business or school from unwanted internet garbage that is cost effective and dependable. Learn more about protecting your self and your family and business, on these pages.

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