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The danger for children lies in four areas:

Children may link to a page with information, pictures, or conversations that the parents deem too sexual, violent, racist, or offensive.

In chat rooms, the child may become a target of unwanted attention from adults, older teens, or other children.

Children have become a target market on the net with companies offering prizes, games, etc. for family information.

Some commercial sites that seem to be offering educational information or entertainment are really deceptively advertising and selling products to children.

Choosing a porn blocking filter. Ask these questions

#1 Does the company offer a managed Internet filter?

Most companies offer "do it yourself" Internet filters, but our company offers a managed Internet filter. A managed filter means the company does not give you a password and the company manages the Internet filtering for you. A managed filter is best in most situations because passwords can easily fall into the wrong hands and many adults with the filter are trying to keep themselves away from temptation. An Internet filter is not effective if you can just remove it with a password when you are struggling with pornography

#2 Does the company share your family values?

Your Internet filter company should be compatible with your beliefs and values. For example, a secular Internet filter may block fundamentalist Christian sites for discrimination against the gay lifestyle, therefore, most Christians would prefer to have an Internet filter that makes decisions from a Christian point of view. It is just as important to consider what you do not want blocked as well as what should be blocked.

#3 Is the Internet filter "software based" or "server based"?

This is a tricky question. There are Internet filters that are ONLY software based which are tempting because you only pay once and never again. These software based Internet filters often analyze a page AFTER it is received into your computer but before it is on your screen. A server based Internet filter is more desirable because the software "talks to" a server BEFORE the request for a page even leaves your computer. A server based Internet filter will check a database of sites that is constantly being updated. Server based Internet filters cost a bit more and usually involve a monthly or annual fee to cover the cost of maintaining the server database, but the additional expense will ultimately be rewarded with a much more dependable and accurate Internet filter.


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